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"Martian Arts", the animation, its characters and events, the graphics at this site, this site, its layout and texts are © 1999/2019 by Mr. Return
Here is the ultimate answer to the question, how crop circles appear in fields. Are there any aliens involved? Are they the landing sites of flying saucers from Mars? Or just some student's jokes? See the animation (40 sec.) I have created just for fun to learn the truth about it! Download options:
martian_arts.avi (1.06 MB)- AVI video (with old-fashioned RLE encoding- works better than DivX on this video)
martian_arts.gif (928 kB)- GIF animation (smaller, works best with Mozilla Firefox, but not with Explorer)
martian_arts.zip (332 kB)- ZIP compressed AVI video, smallest download
M_A.lha (670 kB)- For those who have an Amiga computer or using an emulator: The movie with sound effects and an appropriate player software. (Please read Amiga support) Next>>If you have any questions, complaints, comments, suggestions... please send me an e-mail!
The animation was made using Deluxe Paint IV on an Amiga 500 with 2 MB memory and 512 kB graphics memory back in 1994. The original Amiga animation has 1000 frames, 16 colors, and a resolution of 320*256 pixels. It won me Deluxe Paint V in a magazine's contest. The hard job was to create the AVI video and GIF animation for this site from the original Amiga data. Well, there had been an Amiga version with sound effects, but there were to many problems converting the Amiga data. However, if you want to create a soundtrack for the animation, you are invited to do so... For the time being, there's only a silent movie available for non-Amiga computers.

So why did I make this site?

Dunno... Maybe it was just an experiment if I could start a totally useless website- and a website a visitor would just have to stay a few minutes at. So why are you still around here?

Well- should I talk about something strange? Okay then- can you imagine who was among the first visitors around here? Believe it- or not- the US military. (You can have a look at my tracker reports!) I would have believed in coincidence- if they have not been among the first visitors at the other location I have posted my animation at as well...

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  At this very site used to be a Flash animation of the "Big Bang", made using Koolmoves- a shareware program. If you have any means to still play Flash animations, you can download sky.swf (78 kB !!!). I really tried hard to convert this to various formats, but none really worked.
I proudly present my first animated computer movie ever. It's a parody on DPaint's tutorial animation named "Doggie's Inferno", starring a Lemming from the video game classic "Lemmings", which I had been addicted to when I created that movie.  
Download optionions:
sphinx.avi (872 kB)- AVI video
sphinx.gif (59 kB)- GIF animation
sphinx.zip (196 kB)- ZIP compressed AVI video
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For those lucky ones who still have their Amiga computers or at least an emulator such as WinUAE:
  • Download "M_A.lha"
  • Extract files from archive (Using either LHA or LHARC, if you don't have those already I'm sure you'll find 'em at Aminet).
  • To do so, open a "Shell" or "CLI" window. Type the following command according to the archiver you're using:
    lha x your_harddisk:your_drawer/M_A.lha destination_disk:destination_drawer/
    lharc x your_harddisk:your_drawer/M_A.lha destination_disk:destination_drawer/
    (your_harddisk:your_drawer/ is the destination where you have saved M_A.lha to, and destination_disk:destination_drawer is where you want to save the animnation to. RAM: would be a good idea, if you have at least 2 MB of it.)
  • The animation will be extracted to a new drawer named "M_A", you may have to confirm the creation of new drawers, if you are using LHARC.
  • You can start the animation right from "Shell" or "CLI", to do so, change to the newly created drawer:
    cd destination_disk:destination_drawer/M_A/
    and execute "Martian_Arts":
    execute martian_arts
  • Or you can open the destination drawer from Workbench. Unfortunately, the newly created drawer "M_A" won't have an icon, but you'll find an icon labeled "Martian_Arts" inside, you can start the animation by double-clicking it.
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